On March 7, 2014, I’m with Pamela Des Barress, Legendary Author of “I’m with the Band.”


I’m very excited to be spending an evening with “Miss Pamela” Des Barress and joining her on March 7, 2014, for her SKYPE Writing Workshop.  “Miss Pamela” has written many books to include her legendary book, “I’m with the Band” and currently writes for Rolling Stone Italy.  I grew up reading Rolling Stone magazine and very familiar with rock and roll history & “Miss Pamela.”

I’m extremely excited to be sharing with such creative forces of all things amazing.


I would go on tour with them, on planes, in the back of limos, to parties. I would be on stage with Led Zeppelin, the Stones, The Who and The Doors. It was a magic time.”–Pamela Des Barress




“What I Would Tell my 25 Year Old Self “




By Diana Renee Williams

Dear 25 Year Old Self,

I see you there in that bar in Little Five Points looking for fun, excitement and adventure.  If I could slam it in reverse I’d tell you, “Get out of that damn bar, put the beer down and come out with your hands up!”  (Also, the guitar player guy you’re with…he’s not coming with you.) Today you are being charged with “Reckless Driving” from your wiser more mature self.

I want you to understand this isn’t a punishment but a gift I extend to you.  I want to give you directions to reroute your journey so that you can head down a better path.  You’ll experience some turbulence on the way but it’s where the rubber meets the road and the only way out.

I want you to have the most optimal driving experience so I’ve designed this manual just for you.

Before you begin, buckle up with self love, respect and acceptance.  You struggle with fear of abandonment but you should learn to love and trust yourself.  No longer can you recklessly abandon yourself with unhealthy habits.  You should find the inner peace and joy that comes from loving yourself and setting healthy boundaries.

Your fear of being alone has caused you to pick up random hitchhikers along the way, freeloaders who exceed their baggage allowance and never pay double occupancy tax.  They weigh you down emotionally and physically.  Lighten your load and let them go.  I

f you don’t learn to love yourself you’ll continue to drive with your hazard lights flashing and signaling to everyone that you’re in crisis mode.  You’ll attract those who reflect your inner self loathing and they’ll hurt you and you’ll hurt them.  Love yourself more.

Trust your intuition, follow your internal GPS and never ignore red flags. When a boy tells you he’s a “bad boy” then believe him the first time he tells you he’s a “bad boy.” Recalculate and move on quickly.

Check your gauges.  When you’re running on fumes then it’s time to take care of yourself and fuel up.  Fatigue limits your reaction time and decision making skills.  To avoid fatigue: practice mediation, yoga, and journaling.  Be kind and gentle with yourself always.

Start your engine, put it in drive and follow your bliss! You’re the hands and feet of the Divine. You have the power to accelerate, slow down, turn around or stop at any time.   The thing you most enjoy when hours seem to pass as minutes-that’s your bliss. Follow it!  That’s where you’ll step into the race of life.

You’re a writer!  Yes, you are! You have a voice!  All that you adore about the musicians you fall madly in love with is also inside of you.  You have your own talent.  Never mind your poor grammar skills or that you were recommended for speech therapy in third grade because it isn’t about you anyway.  The focus is on the message not the messenger.  Your imperfections are your greatest gifts.

Improve your vision and get more clarity.  Use your headlights to clear out a path before you.  When life brings fog or rainy conditions make adjustments by reducing your speed.  Use your windshield wipers and defrost those windows.  Use all the tools at your disposal to get clarity.  If you must, you may look for a safe place to pull over until the conditions improve but be sure not to give up because you’re not there yet.

Your upcoming collisions will be due to driver distraction.  You lack the experience necessary to drive safely while distracted.  Distractions make you susceptible to head on collisions and keep you lost in circles of confusion.  The possibility of serious injury or death is great.

People who are traveling down different paths with their own itinerary (without regard to yours) should be avoided.  When you see these reckless drivers coming at you then it’s time to let go of the gas, keep right and use your horn and headlights to get their attention.  Whatever it takes just get out of their way.  Keep focused on your route while maintaining awareness so that you can detect these hazards before it’s too late.

You’ll have numerous rear end collisions along the way resulting from following too closely to other vehicles.  Learn self sufficiency and let go of codependent patterns.  Stop tailgating and find your own lane.  You’ll see other motorists experiencing their own adverse conditions along the way.  Some will even stop their vehicles in the middle of the highway unable to navigate the conditions themselves. They’re a hazard to you and impede your progress.  Go around them being careful not to injure them…but keep moving.

The side impact collision will be the most damaging for you as most vehicles aren’t built to withstand this type of damage. You’ll be blindsided by certain people and situations.  If you’re in danger of a side impact collision then your best option is to accelerate.

Don’t apply the brakes! Make sure the way ahead is clear, step on it and drive it like you stole it.  You’re driving in the eye of the storm that will propel you to change.  Welcome this.  The force of the heavy winds will cause buffeting but hold on and make a decision to counter steer in the direction you want to go.

When you find yourself in another relationship with a non believing, narcissistic, emotionally and physically unavailable man counter steer.  You’re worthy of being loved by a whole person.

To achieve optimal driving conditions gain some traction and grip the road.  Ground yourself with the knowledge that you’re the hero of your own journey.  You’ve been sliding out of control making many bad decisions along the way.  Your choices will determine the condition you arrive in at your final destination.  Arrive in mint condition, not wrecked or damaged.

Get in alignment with who you really are. This will allow you to change direction safely.  Keep your mind, body and spirit in alignment with the Truth of the Universe. You are love and worthy of love.  Choose life and choose to have it in abundance.  You hold the key.  See you at our final destination!


Soulmate – meet him or make him?



Ever since we were little kids, we’ve been told that there is only one person and one alone in this whole wide world that is completely right for us. Just one person that we get to spend the rest of our lives with, that we get to be happy with. That person, they told us, is our soulmate.

Stories were made about this soulmate and its capacity to make us whole and complete, as if life is just not quite right until you meet it. Articles have been written around this, movies directed, books published, and little girls’ dreams were born.

Read the entire article over at Honesty for Breakfast.

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Creative Inspiration: Change Your Lens

Culture Complex

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As creatives we have an interesting way of viewing the world. We envision things that are not yet created and thats our gift. That said, it’s not always easy to see past what looks to be or what is our ‘reality’ in the moment.

I read this dope article by Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love ( you HAVE to check out his site, so encouraging), that broke down how each situation and interaction in our lives is in direct correlation to how we see this world. In order to create we need to have some sort of optimism and freedom to do that. I mean really, have you ever tried to sit down and write, start a new project or implement a vision coming into the situation already defeated feeling like it’s a failure from the start? Yea, no bueno. Of course, there are other factors that impact the…

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