Slow Burn

Suffering, I achieve

On the sheets too.

Memories…slow it down, 

for just a time as now. 

A tempering I could use and with a turn,

so easy and resolute to drown the heat. 

Suffering, I complete—

rendering a slow burn.

Knowing me, knowing you, memories of 

these words: 

“Go easy, be slow to heed. 

On the edge of all time, our time.” 

But, I never could, it slows us down. 

On the edge of our fire.

Forever knows the answer to something too old to learn. 

Suffering, I achieve—

On the sheets too.

Memories…slow it down, 

for just a time as now. 

A tempering I could use, another turn

so easy and resolute to drown the heat. 

Suffering, complete—

rendering a slow burn.

For just a time as now.

So easy these words are, on the edge of our lives.

Knowing me, knowing you: a temporary flame to achieve the suffering.

Memories slow us down…for just a time as now.

On the edge of our fire, a slow heat.

Wish I could follow suit, but it’s a hand I can’t beat.

Rendering this slow burn.

 Diana Renee Williams


Lament of war, Ukraine 🇺🇦

How can I save my little boy from lies of men who use un-winnable wars as deadly toys?

Who is behind the mask of delusion, I don’t believe in anymore?

Who will write the sadistic rhetoric of traitors who bury the truth under masochist feet?

A masquerade of the fool whose impregnable victory is found in the ashes of defeat?

Where is the glory in fanning flames of ideology while dormant seeds of shared biology refuse to fertilize inglorious streets?

Is the barren fragrance of annihilation ever sweet?

How can we save our little boys from lies of men who use un-winnable wars as deadly toys?

by: Diana Renee Williams

The Heart of my Garden

The Heart of my Garden Always ~
Zakkary ☀️ 🌺

As winter’s chill fades away, the warmth of spring rushes to greet us. The ground beneath us begins to soften and dormant seeds burst into full bloom, resulting in new life. The bright blooming azaleas and lush green landscapes reappear and once again, our city will showcase its natural beauty.

In Augusta, the azaleas signature blooms makes them a perennial favorite—they survive the winter and bloom again. Perennials are often considered the heart of the garden due to how rewarding they are, year after year, as well as the fact that they offer an enormous variety of colors, sizes, fragrances and bloom times.

As outside, so inside. In the loss of my son Zakkary, the change in season prompts me to consider nature as a metaphor. Each spring, we see new life and richer soil. The change of season brings about a time to make way for new possibilities and new commitments. It’s a time for renewal and growth. A time to revive, expand and begin again.

As the warm wind blows through my soul, there is an opening that is softening the walls of pain, little by little. Slowly, I am opening to the idea of nourishing a season in me that is filled with passion, creativity and dreaming.

My love for Zakkary will last my lifetime. It will not fade because much like the azaleas, my love for Zakkary is the heart of my garden for all time and will continue to bloom.

I will honor that, protect it and know that even this part of my life is a beautiful season and a part of the permanent landscape of who I am…and that will always hold a special beauty and magic all its own.

As the days become longer, the sun brighter and the Earth greener, I hope & imagine myself in full bloom.

Are You Settling for Crumbs?

By: Diana Renee Williams

Love’s feast comes calling with his delicious moans and steamy sighs. The honour of your presence is requested and you eagerly oblige.

You find the perfect gown, add the finishing touches. Invitation in hand and out the door you rush. 

Candles lit, glasses filled to the brim. Dinner is ready, shall we go in? Escorted, seated at the head of the table. Trying to contain your excitement, you are barely able. 

Enraptured in visions of a three course meal. Tonight your lover’s feast will soon be revealed. Plate set before you, dish finally uncovered, you squirm uncomfortably, disappointed by what your heart discovers. 

Leftovers and crumbs are all that you see, 

The revelation illuminates, and your anger grows obscene,  

“How dare you serve a meager beggar’s meal to me!”  

A booty call on Friday night and he hasn’t seen you all week, 

Lack of commitment, time, affection; your future looks bleak,

“I have a girlfriend. It’s complicated, but we can still be chums.” 

An impossible endeavour to make a meal out of crumbs. 

Settling for crumbs of a relationships is a miserable trap, 

Maybe you have been offered a shit sandwich perhaps? 

Will you beg for pathetic crumbs?  Wag your tail and play catch? 

Feeding on bones, hoping to lap up small scraps. 

Or will you honour yourself and show up bravely for love’s feast? 

Abundance is your rightful inheritance, your King has bequeathed, 

A table prepared before you, your cup runneth over, 

Take the best of the offering and share it with others. 

When leftovers, scraps and crumbs are exposed,

Recognize your true worth and know what you deserve,

As Nina Simone and other crooners observed, 

“You’ve got to learn to leave the table when love is no longer being served.”

The Stone the Builder Refused: Rejection and Redemption

bob marley

The Stone the Builder Refused: Rejection and Redemption

By: Diana Renee Williams

Rejection is not a pleasant experience for anyone. Whether it comes as a social snub, unrequited love, or getting passed over for a job, rejection hurts. Rejection deals a direct blow to the ego.

The psychological aftermath of rejection causes emotional wounds which if left unhealed can fester in to shame, anxiety, or embarrassment. Rejection also has serious implications for society as very often those ostracized become angry, violent, and aggressive. Think Ferguson, Missouri and now the current state of affairs.

The pain of rejection is real. New research in psychology and neuroscience has suggested that the same brain pathways that are activated when we experience physical pain are also activated when we experience emotional pain.

According to these studies, as far as our brain is concerned, a broken heart is not so different from a broken arm.

So, how do we heal the brokenness of the rejected soul? Quite possibly by looking at those who were healed despite experiencing rejection.

Throughout history, many innovative leaders have been rejected. The steadfast and daring views of Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt…rejected. The profound philosophies of Aristotle…rejected. The harmonic compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach…rejected.
The peaceful efforts of Nelson Mandela…rejected. The message of love sang by John Lennon…rejected. The Truth spoken by Bob Marley…rejected. And of course, who could forget Jesus of Nazareth’s lament, “A prophet has no honor in his own hometown.”

Not quite the faces that readily come to mind when you think of a “reject.”

Surprisingly, not only did each one of these courageous people experience the social trauma of rejection, but they also experienced the private trauma of rejection from their own parents.

As children, each had a unique story that ultimately celebrated the antidote of self acceptance. Toxic messages of rejection began as early as childhood as each would be abandoned, orphaned or adopted as children.

It is almost as if the Great Architect of the Universe laid down a blueprint for the ultimate crash course in rejection for these unsuspecting souls. Ouch! What a seemingly sadistic plot, or was it perhaps the greatest act of mercy and the greatest love story ever written?

When faced with the trauma of rejection, these heroes demonstrated the amazing fact that the human mind and spirit have a divine capacity for recovery and growth.

Each took on the mindset that life did not happen to them but for them and made the decision to tap in to internal resources and connect with the gift of rejection. Each channeled their own innate genius and creativity and stood in the glory of their true potential despite the circumstances.
Each kept the purity of heart to connect with others and share their voice and message despite being given the cold shoulder and trusted and deemed themselves worthy.

While embracing vulnerability, each shared their gifts and talents with the world and ultimately found redemption. With their own hands, their wounds were healed.
Each removed the label of reject that was placed upon them and replaced it with the truth that was inscribed on their hearts.

To reject themselves would have been blashephmous as the light of divinity lays within each of us waiting to take form.

Rejection can in fact sting, but sometimes a no is a cleverly disguised yes. Rejection does not mean that you are not good enough, it means that person failed to see what you have to offer and you have to keep building. You are the cornerstone and have unique talents and gifts that are waiting to be released. Sometimes a no is quite simply a not yet so that you can keep building.

So, next time you get that dreadful rejection letter or get blown off by that new love interest just remember to keep building because you are a builder and creating a complete masterpiece.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

mirror mirror image

By Diana Renee Williams

We all spend time each day looking into a mirror. It is usually the first thing we do as part of our morning routine. Some spend hours while some take a quick look, pat down their unruly hair and walk away.

What do you see when you look into the mirror? Gray hair, wrinkles or a new pimple? Dark circles, muffin top or another inch of fat? When we look into the mirror, all of our physical flaws are on display indicating a deeper truth about ourselves.

Signs of aging, not eating the right foods and pulling “all nighters” will manifest itself through our physical appearance? The mirror doesn’t lie. It doesn’t dance around the truth or spare our feelings. It will come right out and expose the truth, making harsh suggestions on where improvements need to be made.

The mirror forces us to face the truth. We can take measures to cover up and adjust our mask but the truth remains. We can walk away from the mirror but we can’t walk away from the truth.

In psychology, the term “mirroring” is defined as the behavior in which one person copies another person usually while in social interaction with them. Mirroring may include miming gestures, expressions and breathing patterns. We mirror while still yet in the womb.

Although we are oblivious to the fact we do this, we mirror each other as a way of bonding, being accepted and creating rapport.

Just as a mirror shows us our physical reality, our relationships often show us our emotional reality. Our families, friends and romantic partners all mirror back to us who we are and often a reflection of what is going on inside of us. Those that we are the most emotionally invested in will show us our true emotional appearance.

By looking at the people in our life, we can tell a lot about ourselves. Our relationships are closely linked to our unconscious and unresolved issues. Our relationships often allow us the opportunity to see the dirt on our own face and find the speck in our own eye.

When we see traits in other people that evoke feelings of anger, annoyance or hatred we may be seeing reflected back at us parts of ourselves that we have disowned. This may be the reason it affects us in such a negative way. It is magnified and screaming out larger than life begging for our attention.

If we are disgusted by someone else’s “filthy habits” or “wicked conduct” then chances are we have something being triggered inside of us that needs our attention.

This does not necessarily mean that the loud cackling witch sitting beside us at the restaurant is reflecting our inner cackling witch (although it could be) it may mean that she is showing us the parts of ourselves that have been quiet, shy and boring for too long.

We also unknowingly serve as a mirror for others too. Our teachers are not aware they are holding the mirror up in front of us, showing us the fragmented and broken pieces of ourselves.

These truths are revealed not to shame or condemn us but to edify and bring balance in our lives. It is through our personal relationships with others that we are given a glimpse of our true inner selves and see what we still have to learn.

This emotional mirror will keep showing up until we see what we need to see. We can try to avoid a particular person and hope our life will become better without them in it but it does not work that way. We attract partners with similar issues repeatedly. If we get away from a person without learning what we need to learn, it will show up again and again.

Also, as we learn what we need to learn our mirrors will change so that we are constantly evolving to our best selves.

On the flip side, the emotional mirror also works with people who have qualities that we admire. When we see beauty, divinity, and sweetness in others we are also seeing the reflection of the goodness in our own soul.

The closer you get to the mirror, the more you will see.  Aim to reflect your light in a way that captures your good side and brings out the best in others.

“What angers us in another person is more often than not an unhealed aspect of ourselves. If we had already resolved that particular issue, we would not be irritated by its reflection back to us.”–Simon Peter Fuller

What Are You Most Afraid of?

“What are you most afraid of?”

By Diana Renee Williams


Are you afraid of not having “enough” money or “enough” stuff?  Do you fear not being good “enough” or not being successful “enough”?

Are you afraid of spending your life stuck in a dead-end job repressing your desire to live your dreams? Are you afraid of divorce, marriage or commitment? Are you afraid of being unloved, being alone or death?

We all fear something but what keeps you stuck there and how would your life change if you had no fear?

Looking back over the past eight years of my life, I realized I have been hammered with one big, smelly, rotten storm after another, drowning me emotionally while teetering on financial bankruptcy.

I’ve made tons of mistakes and stubbornly continue to do so. I have been thrown to my knees with the stench of fear breathing down my neck, smacking me in the face while challenging me to get up and do something about it.

I have been face to face with my ugly fears (on every level) and it would be super easy to place blame and say I have been the victim of another’s careless behavior…but to be completely honest, I’ve created the storm myself by refusing to face my fears.

I look at myself and often times NOT amused by the ridiculous ways in which I stay immobilized in my fear instead of acting courageously and facing my fears.

I thought of the story of The Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz who had to face his fears to get his medal of courage. He was born to be the mighty king of the jungle and although outwardly he had all the strength and ability to do so, he was as vulnerable and fearful as a mouse on the inside. He was born to rule the jungle but fear distorted his perception of himself, his situation and the outside world.

The Cowardly Lion asked the Wizard of Oz for courage and was given a liquid labeled “courage” which he FEARED was only temporary.  Fear and the negativity that fear breeds distorted his thoughts so he continued to walk around on his hind legs instead of on all fours.

How many times do our thoughts cripple us and prevent us from being who we were born to be? What does it take to stand up and have courage?

Our mind and our thoughts can be our biggest enemy and biggest battleground. Fear often stems from the negative internal dialogue we have with ourselves on a daily basis. If you want to stand courageously then you must first take your thoughts captive.

The thing that has helped me more than anything is to remain open to what life wants to teach me in the times that I feel afraid and to welcome the lessons. I am gaining tons of wisdom and insight causing a major shift in my thinking and I want more than anything to show courage in the face of my deep-rooted fears.

The most absurd part of fear that I have learned is that whatever you fear the most will happen. It’s almost as if you manifest that which you fear the most for a higher purpose. The trick is to remain conscious and take back control by changing your thoughts and embrace the lessons that fear has to teach you.

It may scare the hell out of you but what ever you fear the most, you must do it.

If you can remain conscious when you are faced with your fears and not run to numb your feelings with an unhealthy habit then you face your fear by confronting the giant.  You are


the master in helping retrain your brain’s responses to your fear. The battle is in your mind and if you can learn to identify and understand fear then you can change your thinking patterns and become who you were born to be.

You have NO control over any other aspect of what you fear other than changing your thoughts about the event.

Will you choose to flee, run and hide under the covers or will you choose to stand up and roar triumphantly in the face of your biggest fears?

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”–Nelson Mandela

Shine on All You Crazy Diamonds!


Image“Blowing out someone else’s candle does not make yours shine any brighter” –Unknown

It is with much gratitude and appreciation that I share Kathleen Chelquist’s article “Misery Likes Company.”  

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September 22, 2013 by Kathleen Chelquist 

“The gospel children’s song, This Little Light Of Mine, was one of my personal favorites as a child and still is. I remember how small and big I felt, as I clapped my hands and sang along with the popular melody. Creating oneness with all the other children who were experiencing the same peace, joy, and love that I was. I never thought about what it meant to shine my light…probably because it was very natural to do so.

Until the 7th grade…

I know, I know…we all have stories of growing into our own, but please stay with me as I describe one of the worst years of my life. A year that taught me many fearful lessons that I have held onto until…NOW. Crazy, huh? Why would I hold onto fear for so long? Because I was in denial; unwilling to take responsibility and see MY reactions to the cruelty of pre-teens.

It is 1982 and I have boobs….oops, I mean breasts. No, I mean boobs (I like that word). My “Ugly Duckling” days of missing teeth, greasy hair, and wearing my worn-out-beaded-campfire-vest in the 6th grade, were slowly fading away. Boys, boys, and more BOYS, were the thought of the day. Except when I was studying in class. Except when I received a letter from the most popular 8th-grade girl in the school. It said, “W/B.” Little did I know that she meant, Write Back NOW…or else!

After not receiving a letter, she told the entire Junior High School (well, it seemed to be everyone) that I was…STUCK-UP! Almost every “so-called” friend fled. This may not seem so tragic to read, but to an immature 13-year-old-girl who had been dumped by her first boyfriend? It was EVERYTHING!

“Kathleen kisses like a DOG!’ he screamed in first period. Or at least that’s what I was told by a semi-sweet, freckle-faced and red-headed, 13-year-old-boy (who happened to be in my soon-to-be, ex-boyfriend’s class-that fateful morning). Unfortunately (or fortunately), the innocent by-stander was telling me the truth: my FIRST real boy-crush was about to break up with me. Later that day, my first kiss ended up sending his friends to do the dirty deed. All because I did not know where to put my tongue! My mind immediately defended…I had gum in my mouth. He did not know how to kiss me; he’s the BAD KISSER! If the truth be known, I am sure it wasn’t my best tongue teaser..but, “DOG?” I sure hope not…

So, here I am with ONE friend and scared to kiss any other boy…EVER! How could things get worse?

Besides having boobs that year, I had “Miss Beezly”…oops, I mean my period or as Margaret (from Judy Blume’s classic) says, “menstroo-ation.” My mom did not inform me about the existence of tampons (never mind teaching me on how to use one). Probably because Playtex Gentle Glide was yet to be invented back in those days (Dear God, am I really that old?) Anyway, it was all about the big ol’ SURFER PAD. Yep, it seemed to be as big as a surfboard.

Maxi Pads were not easy for me to get used to, and I created worry that they would show in the back. I remember continually feeling my butt; after all, I needed to make sure I was sportin’ a smooth-pad-transition. I definitely did not want my (now) ex-boyfriend to see that, too. So, what did I do? I pushed it up to the front. Yeah, that will hide it.

It is 3rd period. As I am sitting on a counter stool in Art Class, minding my own business, I started noticing some boys whispering to each other. Did it leak through? I thought, as I cleverly looked down and took a sneak peek to make sure there was no blood. Nope, I’m in the clear. The bell rang. As I was getting off my seat, one boy looked straight into my eyes and said, “Is it a DICK?”

I had pushed the pad just a tad too far forward-producing a huge bulge (and quite the impressive package). Throughout the rest of the day, kids (who weren’t in the class) strolled past me (looking at you-know-what) to see if they could get a viewing of the (now) fixed and inconspicuous…PAD. Sorry folks-show’s over.

I embarrassed myself and my EGO was in full control. In looking back, I can actually laugh. But then? Not so much. I remember viewing the dull kitchen knives while unloading the dishwasher at home. You know, to end it, once and for all. It was either me or the scary gang at school who was threatening to do it.

So, here I am: friendless, kissed like a dog, threatened to be beaten up on a daily basis, and sported an unwanted prosthetic penis for a few hours.

And then one day, I got my lucky break. Or was it?

Remember the popular girl who had started my 7th grade year off to pre-teen Hell? Well (most likely feeling sorry for me), she no longer deemed me as: unworthy. Lucky me. I went along to get along and lived in the victim-poor-me-story (since it seemed to work), and all my “so-called” friends “gave me the honor” of coming back. The head gang leader seemed to have changed her mind as well. As for the boys? Boys will be boys (and no…I am not letting them off the hook).

So, I learned a very significant, life-changing lesson…

Misery LIKES Company.

The age-old adage, “Misery LOVES Company,” could be seen so differently. Misery had forgotten Love. And so did I.

In order to acquire friends and survive, I subconsciously “thought” dimming my light was the way; abandoning the love for… “This Little Light Of Mine.”

Are you dimming your light to fit in with others? With your partner, family, friends, co-workers and peers? Dimming it, so that they are more comfortable in your presence? I am here to support you in letting your light shine.

With all my heart,



Kathleen Chelquist is an inspirational blogger. Engage with Kathleen on her blog, her Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

“If you were craving nachos, would you go to a Chinese restaurant?”

Diana Renee Williams

My favorite blog this week is Christine Hassler’s, “Are You Asking for the Right Thing From the Wrong Person?”

Christine asks, “If you were craving nachos, would you go to a Chinese restaurant?”

No, of course you wouldn’t…or would you?   If you are anything like me then maybe you would.  Why do we do this in personal relationships?  The people or places we go to may not even have what we are craving on the menu.

They may be physically incapable of delivering what we want either because they lack the ingredients, tools or equipment to deliver.  Instead of leaving frustrated, unsatisfied or offended then go where you know you will get what  you want.

I often find myself craving nourishment in the way of inspiration and encouragement but often times leave certain people feeling very unsatisfied.  Sharing with others and telling them what I need opens myself up for criticism and sets the other person up for failure if they don’t have what I need so it’s a lose-lose game.

This is unfair to both parties and does nothing to enhance the relationship.  I think the fear of opening up and asking for what I need has blinded me to the fact that I need to know what I am craving before I place my order.

My experience so far has been rather surprising. Turns out I have been at the Chinese restaurant ordering nachos.

I have found the people I felt certain would be supportive (especially other “creative” types) WERE NOT and those I thought couldn’t even begin to understand what I wanted have been the ones who offered me the most support and gave me the best dishes.

So in an attempt to get what I want in the future, I’ve laid out my own personal cravings and menu options and would encourage you to do the same.

My personal menu options:

If I need emotional support?

My two closet friends give me emotional support.  They both know me very well and know my motto, “variety is the spice of life.”  They not only accept this about me but knowingly or unknowingly help me try new things.  If you are going to bare it all make sure it is with people that want you to succeed or else over sharing could lead to severe indigestion .

If I need encouragement?

My guy friends give me the most encouragement which totally surprises me.  Maybe this is their speciality and I can live with that. Guys cut to the chase and don’t spend a lot of time over-analyzing the menu options so they are able to offer simple suggestions that pair nicely with my indecisiveness.

If I need guidance and advice?

My bestie is top chef in this category again with my Mom also offering her recipes (the good ones and the bad ones) for future generations to share.

Surprisingly, the children in my life have been super awesome and have given me the most creative dishes yet.  They say, “out of the mouth of babes,” and I suppose their innocence and child like ways leave them with the most creative freedoms and ideas.  How ironic to me! Who knew they had the right ingredients to whip it up and dish it out?

If I need feedback?

The editors and writers I am working with have offered me the feedback that I am craving.  I have found myself looking for feedback from family and friends but realize when they give me the Peking Duck instead of the nachos, I find offense which may be too much for my taste.  Stick with those people that are creating the same dish.

So, as I place my order out into the Universe for acknowledgment and inspiration, I will accept my culinary artists for who they are and what they have to offer.

What are your menu options? Are you asking for the right thing from the wrong person?

Happy weekend & mucho love!

Check out Christine Hassler’s blog….

Take the Underground Railroad!

by Preston Smiles

The underground railroad was famous for freeing many slaves, and Harriet Tubman said she would’ve freed many more if they only knew they were slaves. “IF” they only knew; wow, so powerful. We can’t heal what we can’t see, and for me this was a huge lesson that I am in the process of learning. Aristole said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” If we are what we repeatedly do….what exactly, then, are we doing?

So many of us don’t notice the perpetual habits we have that bind us to a slow, stagnate death.

So what exactly are these unconscious habits? I had to ask myself and i challenge you to ask yourself “What am i a slave to?” Because whatever it is that binds you, actually holds the key to your true freedom. Is it Facebook, twitter, instragram, snap-chat, HIM/HER (BIG ONE), politics, being worthy, porn, fear of failure, or fear of succeeding? Whatever it is, I promise you that if you unleash the invisible chains, on the other side is pure magic, on the other side is the REAL YOU.

I was in a “relationship” 2 years ago with someone who’s last words to me were “I’m in love with you but I’m getting back with my ex boyfriend.” A tough pill to swallow. And for a whole year I obsessed about how she was really my wife; that the universe got it wrong and eventually we would end up back together. I couldn’t see that I was flipping the universe off, I couldn’t see that I was a a slave to the idea of us together…of US being IT. And the more she stayed away the more it drove me crazy. I WAS A SLAVE.

The beautiful part is I had just enough sense and spiritual fortitude to know that there had to be more. So for a year I just laughed and noticed the stories running through my head, all the while knowing that my queen, would come when I was ready to be free of the old idea of what and who “she” was. So I chose new habits like not stalking her instragram, twitter and Facebook; like giving myself permmission not to know what she was up to.

And just like a bodybuilder builds muscle, I started loving myself at levels I could’ve never imagined. I started viewing the break up as a gift. And then one day I got a message from a Queen that said, “hey I’m in london and a friend of a friend says I’m the female version of you.” I noticed her, but I was also so secure with who I was that I trusted we would meet if it was meant for us to meet.

Three weeks later, I went on a first date with a woman I knew energetically wasn’t for me. Instincts kicked in and my gut told me I had to go. We went to a small poetry show, and of course two seats away from me was the Queen from the London message Alexi, in the flesh. It was immediate magic. Since that day we’ve enjoyed sharing our wholeness with each other. She is more than I could’ve ever imagined in a partner, as my boys and I like to say, she’s a “game changer.” In my opinion and this is just opinion, there is an intelligence that can orchestrate happenings, circumstances and events that we could never do on our own, and this intelligence has stuff in-store for us that is far beyond our mortal minds but it is awaiting our alignment with our true selves.

I share all this to say that when we partake in habits that our out of alignement with our true selves and desires, we will keep getting what doesn’t work for us. But when we are aligned with our desires and true worth the universe is able to make a way out of no way.

Many of us have huge dreams, but they can’t happen if we’re spending our time with people, places and things that are enslaving us. Your dreams await your alignment. (Tweet-worthy!) You’re a magical snowflake that will never be repeated, so stand in your uniqueness and claim all that is yours by birthright.


Preston Smiles #lovesVoice #thelovemob

Preston Smiles is a motivational messenger, founder of the Love Mob (organized acts of Love) and a multimedia inspirational content creator. Connect with him via his website, Facebook and Twitter.